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How to Make a Tensioned Fabric Sign You Love – Part 4

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Part 4: Project Management, Packing, and Shipping In our previous posts, we reviewed important aspects of tensioned fabric frames, fabric covers, graphics and printing, lighting, and assembly drawings. In this post we conclude with our review of key details relating to project management, packing and shipping. The Art of Managing Production of a Tensioned Fabric […]

Reasons Why Most Trade Show Signs Are Tensioned Fabric

Top 11 Reasons Why Most Trade Show Signs Are Tensioned Fabric

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1) Tensioned fabric signs are light. The aluminum frames and fabric covers used for tensioned fabric signs are much lighter than signs made with steel or wood. Rigging from exhibit center ceilings often requires extensive engineering analysis if the sign is more than 200 lbs, but lightweight tensioned fabric signs are readily accepted and preferred […]