Greetings from other side!

Now that it’s been a few weeks since I crossed over from the world of a supplier (Imagination) to the world of a supplier of a supplier (Tectonics), I thought it was high time I fulfilled my promise to our marketing project manager and pen a blog post.

The transition has been a relatively easy one for one very important reason: I spent the bulk my nine years since returning to Imagination benefiting from the products and service received from the company that has now entrusted me to represent the same to others. For proof of this, one needs to look no further than the many photos which adorn the walls of our office in Warren.

This walk down memory lane showcases many stretch-fabric graphic projects which, in addition to revolutionizing the industry due to their inherent qualities (lightweight, easy to install, viewable from multiple angles, incredibly responsive to lighting, durable, reusable, etc.) that help our products virtually sell themselves, also delivered the following:

– GRAPHICS! which were our client’s favorite part of every show, due to stunning, large format designs and themes that usually carried through to all elements

– Stretch fabric graphic mechanisms (large rings, giant 27’ walls, and countless 2 x 3 meter walls) that our clients grew to appreciate due to their role in creating a consistent design language AND the savings generated from reuse

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– Graphic designs created by some of my all-time favorite co-workers (Joe Gabry, Alissa Lutz & Nick Livolsi)

– Installations managed by some of my all-time favorite co-workers (John Leen & Walter Raymond), the latter of whom was everyone’s all-time favorite co-workers

While the key points of this post are to alert those who read this of the new, happy turn my career has taken, lend some third-party endorsement to the products we offer and fulfill my promise to a new co-worker, another key is to pay homage and draw additional attention to the plight of the former co-worker and dear friend mentioned in the last bullet point. To do this, I invite all to enjoy his blog at and pay a visit to this site:

Thanks for your time, and please contact us so we can help you with your next project!

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