Ensuring Perfection

Iluminarc was ecstatic with Tectonics’ work. Not only was the exhibit a show-stopper, it was also efficient and affordable.

Iluminarc had a very specific goal for this exhibit, which appeared at Las Vegas’s 2010 Light Fair Inter-national. The architectural lighting firm wanted a unique form that would project the quality of its state-of-the-art products, which have been used to light such cultural icons as the Eiffel Tower and Chicago’s Wrigley Building.

After reviewing a series of sketches with the client, Tectonics created a final design that featured two custom, curved, dimensional walls that nest together. People were drawn to the exhibit by the gorgeous, unique lines of the structures, and the two entrances kept foot traffic flowing smoothly. The exhibit is striking, with 16' walls, occupying an area of 20' x 30'.

The two fluid, identical curved walls are both com-posed of a spherical outer wall with angled interior walls. The inner walls were designed to gradually angle outward from floor to ceiling, creating an open, airy atmosphere for visitors. Towards the center of the exhibit, the walls curve in toward one another, creating a more intimate area. A crescent-shaped canopy crowns the exhibit. Tectonics used all sizes of tubing in the various components to keep the exhibit’s size and shipping cost reasonable.

Iluminarc is a high-end lighting firm, so Tectonics worked to ensure the exhibit’s lighting—using Iluminarc’s products—was perfect. Enclosed baseboards at the bottom of both walls were fitted with recessed lights, and tensioned fabric masked the fixtures and wiring for a clean look. The angled walls ensured that the light was dispersed evenly up the interior walls, which were hung with graphics printed on fabric panels showcasing Iluminarc’s lighting projects. The walls were sewn from Flag Cloth, which has excellent transparency and refractive qualities ideal for LED lighting. The exhibit’s evolving, colored light show was computer controlled for the client. The exhibit is a free-standing structure, so no rigging was required. Assembly was smooth; the client, two decorators, and two Tectonics’ employees were all on hand to assist with the exhibit’s installation and disassembly.

Iluminarc has used the exhibit at trade shows since. With Tectonics’ precise instructions and color-coded and labeled parts, the company has been able to handle installation and disassembly at trade shows on their own since the initial installation in Las Vegas.

Since the exhibit's graphics, the company’s logo and interior graphics of Iluminarc’s lighting projects, are printed on separate fabric panels and mounted onto the structure, Iluminarc will be able to re-cover their exhibit inexpensively if so desired.

Iluminarc was ecstatic with Tectonics’ work. Not only was the exhibit a show-stopper, it was also efficient and affordable. Tectonics’ unique design and attention to detail projected to Light Fair attendees that Iluminarc is an industry powerhouse with the high-quality products to prove it—a force to be reckoned with—exactly the impact they had been looking for.

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