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Perseverance Pays

Built in the states and installed in Japan, this piece was a huge success.

Tectonics worked with closely GES to build this custom Excelerate snap tube wave wall for the GasTech Show in Tokyo, Japan. The GES customer was exhibiting in Japan, but no fabric companies in Japan were available to build this piece that GES designed. GES came to Tectonics to have it built in the states to ensure installation in Japan would go smoothly.

Working through GES with Japanese engineers, a frame that met Japan’s strict earthquake regulations was engineered. There was a steady flow of tweaks to the engineering drawings to obtain the approval of Japanese engineers, but GES and Tectonics persevered through the roadblocks and ultimately delivered. The result was a strong presence on the show floor that was the envy of many. A perfectly executed build and installation made for a very happy client.

The stunning final structure was completely made of snap tube, weighed 911lbs, was almost 20 feet tall, 21 feet wide, and 48 feet long. The structure was not only an impressive piece of engineering, but a great example of the client-centric attitude prevalent at Tectonics. We’re always up for the challenge, and we know the only way we can succeed is by ensuring our clients do.

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