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In partnership with Sport Graphics, Tectonics designed, manufactured and printed giant 30’ Roman numerals for one of the largest sporting events in the world.

Tectonics previously designed letters and numbers for projects ranging from 6-14 feet in height, but the overall size of these Roman numerals was over 130’ wide and 39’ tall when mounted to shipping containers.

In the past, the support structures for the Roman numerals were constructed predominately of wood and steel, but assembly, dismantling, shipping and storage made single-use and reuse options costly and burden-some. Also the look and quality of the materials were inconsistent and often resulted in misaligned panels and seams in the components. Sport Graphics began to look for better solutions and found that our tensioned fabric was a perfect option.

Tensioned fabric provides unlimited possibilities for structural forms, and our zippered fabric covers can be printed with full-color logos, typeface or any imaginable solid color.

In addition, the wood and steel structures previously used required 13 semi-trailers to transport, but our tensioned fabric structures fit into 3, significantly reducing the cost of shipping. Because of the versatility of our materials, Tectonics is able to provide effective solutions for every project. Our custom letters or numbers are specifically designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor applications must withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow and sun. Indoor applications must conform to the spatial, structural and safety requirements of every venue. Whether displayed outdoors or in arena-style event spaces, the large-scale letters and numbers made by Tectonics deliver quality, high-impact visuals.

The teams that collaborate to produce these giants take every detail into account, from initial design layouts to structural calculations. Taking direction from customers, we initiate a design process that yields cost-effective, large-scale visuals.

Our technical planning process takes into consideration site surveys, regional weather conditions, load capacities and ballasting methods — all of which is necessary to produce reliable, durable structures.

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