GlowUp™ 3D Magnetic Halo Lit Letters

Product Features

  • PATENT PENDING technology
  • High strength magnets activate halo lighting behind individual 3D letters or logos
  • Independently stood off letters
  • Can be surface mounted on top of fabric
  • Quick install on the show floor, as there’s no wiring between the letters and the backboard
  • Decreases on-site labor, as electrician time is lessened
  • Font, number of characters, size, and substrate/material make cost vary. Please provide as much detail as possible to receive an accurate quote
  • View Tinyclues & The Magic Light Trick case study to see how this contributed to a successful tradeshow booth

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the substrate/material options for the letters?
Acrylic, Sintra, or Lexan are the most common options. Wood is also an option for an additional cost.

What are the color options for the letters?
All materials can be surface printed or have vinyl applied to match the color of your choosing.

What is the thinnest/thickest the substrate can be for the magnet to work?
1/4” minimum. 1” max.

What are the size requirements for the letters?
The smallest dimension for a letter is 1” width x 6” height. The largest a letter can be is 48” width x 96” height.

What are the font requirements for the letters?
Most fonts are acceptable as long as your provided file 1) has converted fonts to outlines and 2) the thinnest part of any letter is at least 1” wide.

What is the cost per letter?
Cost per letter will vary based on the overall number of characters, size of individual letters, substrate selected, etc. Please contact us to discuss specifics of your project.

What are the power requirements?
Any standard outlet is an acceptable power source. For international applications, all that is required is the correct plug adapter for the particular region.

How long does production take?
Generally 2-3 weeks, but depending on the specific needs of your individual project this may vary.

Is this usable on a hanging sign?
Yes. If your planned use of the hanging sign is in a convention center, a secondary mechanical attachment between the letters and sign may be required.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Proper export and shipping broker documents and fees required.

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  • Open Bottom

  • Closed Bottom

  • sign Hangs as Sign

  • canopy Hangs as Canopy

  • double-sided Double-Sided Graphics

  • single-sided Single-Sided Graphics

  • blank cover Blank Cover

  • cable harness Cable Harness

  • Rotation

  • Internal Lighting

  • surface lighting Surface Lighting

  • Backing & Zippers

What's Included

  • hardware Frame & Hardware

  • Hex Key

  • fc Fabric Cover

  • Sewn in Opaque Liner

  • Assembly Instructions

  • Reusable Storage Bags

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