Convex Counter

Product Features

  • Counter includes ½” thick white acrylic top secured with Velcro.
  • Single-Sided Graphics include print on convex face.
  • Double-Sided Graphics include print on convex face and sides.
  • Cover secures with zippers on back panel for internal access.
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  • Open Bottom

  • Closed Bottom

  • sign Hangs as Sign

  • canopy Hangs as Canopy

  • double-sided Double-Sided Graphics

  • single-sided Single-Sided Graphics

  • blank cover Blank Cover

  • cable harness Cable Harness

  • Rotation

  • Internal Lighting

  • surface lighting Surface Lighting

  • Backing & Zippers

What's Included

  • hardware Frame & Hardware

  • Hex Key

  • fc Fabric Cover

  • Sewn in Opaque Liner

  • Assembly Instructions

  • Reusable Storage Bags

Standard Sizes

Length Length x Width x Height
4′ 4’x2’x2.5′ 4’x2’x3′ 4’x2’x3.5′
6′ 6’x2’x2.5′ 6’x2’x3′ 6’x2’x3.5′
8′ 8’x2’x2.5′ 8’x2’x3′ 8’x2’x3.5′

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