Dimensional Tapered Ring

Product Features

Standard thickness is 12”. Depth can be customized for an additional charge.

Bottom diameter is 2’ smaller than the top.

Height refers to overall height, not the face dimension.

Single-Sided Graphics include thickness.

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  • Open Bottom

  • Closed Bottom

  • sign Hangs as Sign

  • canopy Hangs as Canopy

  • double-sided Double-Sided Graphics

  • single-sided Single-Sided Graphics

  • blank cover Blank Cover

  • cable harness Cable Harness

  • Rotation

  • Internal Lighting

  • surface lighting Surface Lighting

  • Backing & Zippers

What's Included

  • hardware Frame & Hardware

  • Hex Key

  • fc Fabric Cover

  • Sewn in Opaque Liner

  • Assembly Instructions

  • Reusable Storage Bags

Standard Sizes

Diameter Diameter x Height
8′ 8’x2′ 8’x3′ 8’x4′
10′ 10’x2′ 10’x3′ 10’x4′
12′ 12’x3′ 12’x4′ 12’x5′
16′ 16’x4′ 16’x5′ 16’x6′
20′ 20’x4′ 20’x5′ 20’x6′

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