Ceiling Solutions

Overhead Architecture

Give visitors and viewers a reason to stop and stare. Add design elements and graphics with our stunning and innovative ceiling solutions. Printed ceilings, smokeout and melting point, suppression mesh or safety net – whatever your client’s needs, we will deliver.

Printed Ceilings

Help your client rise above the rest. Impress potential customers with a high quality, stunning printed ceiling that can be seen from anywhere in a show environment and accent, compliment or complete any display. Whether it’s a pattern, design or photo-realistic image, visitors and viewers will never forget looking up and saying ‘wow’.

Printed Ceilings

Melting Point

Hide unsightly components like motors and truss systems with a ceiling – and be safe while doing it. Most show sites do not allow standard fabrics to be used for this type of ceiling application due to their potential interference with existing fire suppression systems. Unlike standard fabrics, melting point materials are approved for use in most indoor environments. The fabric is engineered with meltable seams that will break apart in the event of a fire – allowing fire suppression systems to function correctly.

Suppression Mesh

Suppression mesh is a printable ceiling fabric used in exhibits, trade shows or pretty much any place your client has a need. The durable mesh material is made from fire retardant polyester and engineered for optimum performance when dye sublimation printing. Suppression mesh is an ideal choice to beautifully transform environments while maintaining normal function of fire suppression system in the event of a fire.

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