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Exhibitor 2018

Tectonics ExhibitorLive 2018 booth is a thorough example of our immense capabilities and drive to create innovative solutions

ExhibitorLive is the conference for trade show and corporate event marketing, where attendees come to keep current with the latest and greatest developments in the industry. For the third year in a row, Tectonics has attended this industry leading trade show; each year with a bigger and better presence than the last. As a company focused on the the latest in manufacturing innovation, Tectonics was dedicated to standing out on this year’s show floor.

One of the many successful takeaways from Tectonics 2017 booth was the open design. The ability of an exhibit booth to be inviting from all angles is a key factor in the booths success. This was an important trait we wanted to carry over into the 2018 booth design. Other goals for the 2018 design included a bright modern aesthetic, visibility from every angle, and to impress, intrigue, and engage ExhibitorLive attendees.

Early on it was decided that the booth’s featured piece would be a 16’ wide double sided light box built with Tectonics Extrusion System and covered with a seamless dye sublimation print. Yes, a 16’ seamless print. This solution gave us the freedom to create a much larger light box without the distracting seam. As one of the few providers in the US who can produce high definition, quality prints at widths up to 16’, Tectonics was excited to display and share this capability.

Standing adjacent to this 16’x20’ seamless light box was a second large single sided light box, showcasing another one of Tectonics impressive capabilities. This 12’x20’ light box featured RGB color changing, programmable lighting and special effect printing. Combining our print and lighting technologies, we were able to select areas within the graphic to light or change color while others remained opaque. Using a remote control we were able to simply customize color, speed, and brightness settings. In our 2018 booth printed graphic we were able to change the color of the man’s knee, the woman’s lip and nail color, and the color of the car.

Between these two light boxes was a tapered, custom canopy ceiling built with an aluminum conventional frame and covered in silicone edge graphics. Suspended from the canopy ceiling hung an illuminated sign. Again, utilizing Tectonics lighting and Block out print technologies, this red hanging sign illuminated only the white Tectonics logo. This was another crucial part of the booth design, allowing our logo to be visible from every direction.

With Tectonics innovative products and capabilities, we were able to achieve an open concept with visibility from every angle along with impressed and intrigued attendees.

How did we engage them? With a world class team of knowledgeable sales executives and samples of our products. Custom cabinets at each end of our booth doubled as storage and display cases for Tectonics product samples. The white laminated plywood cabinets added to the over all sleek and modern look of the booth. The custom drawers contained product samples of Tectonics Toolless Lock System and other popular extrusion pieces. Samples were organized and held in place with printed gator board, cut to fit each piece perfectly. Drawer inserts kept samples organized but also made interacting with them simple and informative.

At Tectonics, our ultimate goal is to be an indispensable part of our clients success. To accomplish this we work diligently to produce high quality and innovative solutions while providing the best service in the industry. Tectonics 2018 ExhibitorLive booth is a thorough example of our immense capabilities and drive to create innovative solutions, all in a 20’x20’ space. Imagine the possibilities for your next project with Tectonics as your partner.

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