Tectonics Acquires Chicago-based Tension Fabric Display Manufacturer Tenfab

Warren, MI — Tectonics, the Warren-based manufacturer of tension fabric structures, exhibits and displays, announced today that it has acquired TenFab Design, LLC, a Chicago area tension fabric display manufacturer. The purchase of the 9-year-old company builds upon Tectonics’ trajectory of measured strategic growth, gaining the company a strong foothold within the active Chicago area market.

The purchase, finalized on March 15, provides Tectonics with a fourth regional production hub in addition to its facilities in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and its Warren, Michigan home base.

In recent years, TenFab had emerged as a prominent maker of high-quality tensioned fabric and snap tube displays, exhibits and signage. The Skokie-based company had also developed a successful line of preconfigured “off the shelf” products available for sale or rental through a variety of channels.

Tectonics CEO Lee Skandalaris sees the acquisition of TenFab as a natural development for his growing company. “TenFab has a very strong record of quality, they have a high degree of competence in snap tube and pillowcase construction, and they’ve done a very good job of productizing their capabilities into unique pre-engineered display designs. That will accelerate our ability to offer similar products to our customers,” he says. “By building on the strengths of both companies, we can generate some significant quality improvements to some already outstanding products.”

Skandalaris emphasizes the immediate benefit to Tectonics’ existing Chicago-area clients. “Chicago and its surrounding areas are strong exhibit markets, and we have a significant number of clients there,” he says. “In the future, this will provide us with an opportunity to get more of our products into that market, and allow that facility to expand. It also means that we can be more responsive, move more quickly, and improve on our already-strong response times.”

The TenFab acquisition marks a significant growth milestone for Tectonics. In recent years, the company has made significant investments in its technological and production capabilities, as well as aggressively expanding into the southern and western regions, positioning itself as a leading national exhibit and display manufacturer and service provider.

“In establishing our different regional production facilities, we’re working to put our products and services exactly where they’re needed,” Skandalaris says. “Bringing TenFab into the fold gives us a strong Chicago footprint and helps to fulfill that strategy.”

Tectonics is a leading national manufacturer of custom displays, exhibits, and large format graphics for the advertising, event, and trade show industries. For more information, call (586) 755-6522 or visit www.tectonics.com. For more information about TenFab, visit www.tenfab.com.