Sports Marketing Capabilities

We know Sports.

We’ve been working with sports marketing agencies for 25 years.

Professional. Collegiate. We have extensive experience working in the sports industry printing, building, fabricating, and completing permanent installations in locker rooms, concourses, stadiums, athletic training facilities, and more. We’ve even done work for one of the biggest sporting events in the world – the Super Bowl.

In 2017 alone, we executed projects for 4 Pro Teams, more than 12 Universities, 4 Big Ten Schools, 4 SEC Schools, and 1 PAC 12 School.
All of our projects were permanent installs.

Our partnerships aren’t limited to sports marketing agencies. We also work with Architectural & Design firms, Construction companies, Experiential marketing agencies, Event planners, and Interior Design/Decor firms.

2017 included partnering with Barton Marlow and Michigan State University to completely update the concourse of the Breslin Center. This included adhesive vinyl applied to 75 concrete walls, and large Silicone Edge Graphics at each major entrance.

Tectonics installer finishing up the installation a 24' x 28' printed fabric graphic in a SEG frame.

Tectonics installer finishing up the installation a 24′ x 28′ printed fabric graphic in a SEG frame.

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With our capabilities in printing, millwork, and extrusion, we’ve helped agencies transform sports facilities and stadiums using:

  • Hall of Fame Displays & Cases
  • Pedestals
  • Light Boxes
  • Wall Mounted Fabric Frames
  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Displays for Trophies & Artifacts
  • Stadium Banners

We can even create a mobile fan experience for you, as we did with MKTG by turning a shipping container into a football-themed Escape Room challenge that would travel to college campuses throughout the Southeast during gameday.

A campus isn’t necessary to create a sports environment, we can help transform any space into an inspiring haven for any sports fan. Working with the Detroit Pistons, we made over a school’s reading room into a Pistons-themed locker room.

Whatever your sports marketing agency can concept, we have the skills and innovation to execute. Work with us to bring your design to life and excite your fans.

Contact us to schedule a capabilities presentation and see a full portfolio of our work.

Game On.

Tension fabric roman numerals for Superbowl XLVIII. They were over 130’ wide and 39’ tall when mounted to shipping containers.

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